I began my career in the visual arts at an animation, visual effects and prop studio in Detroit called Illuminations. I shot backlit motion graphics, top lit cell animation and built props and models for 3 years before moving to Chicago to work on live action feature films.

My first movie was The Babe (a period piece about Babe Ruth) directed by Arthur Hiller and beautifully photographed by the great cinematographer Haskell Wexler, ASC. I was one of a few lucky union camera assistants on Haskell’s team.

Over the course of my career, I worked on many TV commercials, a few music videos, a prime time television show, and over 25 feature films. I left the movie business in 2007 and have been concentrating primarily on still photography ever since.

My photography is often graphically oriented and contains glimpses of my past work with motion. The colorful, bold, highly detailed photographs are primarily meant to be hung on a wall: gallery shows, as well as home, hotel and office enhancement.
My limited edition and open edition work have been exhibited in galleries throughout the nation. See show list for a complete listing of awards and exhibits.

The usage for most images can be purchased for editorial/commercial use by contacting my studio.

head shot: Isaac White

Artist Statement

My still photography work is primarily about going beyond the literal. Beautiful but literal images hold my attention for only so long. So I look for the intangible, the ethereal, and the unknowable in both my landscape and macro work.
“Less prose, more poetry” as the great color photographer, Ernst Haas put it so well. I am also fascinated by transition points, or brief moments in time where there is a metamorphosis between one state and another. A doorway or window is an obvious transition point, linking different rooms or connecting the inside world with the outside world.

Another transition point occurs when we wake from sleeping. Like a trapeze artist letting go of one bar and reaching for another, we exist briefly in that elusive place between the dream world and the conscious world. We pass through this space constantly but can’t linger there. I’m drawn to that place and seek beauty there.

Unlike my macro work in the studio with lights, I photograph most landscapes at dusk and dawn, which are my favorite transition points and are at the heart of my landscape work. So I tend to do most of that work at dusk and twilight, when the light has a certain balanced and beautiful, seductive quality. Of course low light requires a longer exposure time, so any moving objects in the frame become blurred and streaked. Real time events that would normally be “frozen” by a fast shutter are slowed down, spread out and smeared like oil paint – like in a dream. I’m sure my years as a motion picture cameraman has a something to do with my frequent use of long exposures in my landscape work, but mostly I use it as a tool to add more poetry.

Show List


Graphis Photography Annual Gold award winner


American Photography 39


Filter Photo 2023 Context Group Show


B & W Magazine – Looking Back/Looking Forward edition


Norris Gallery – InSightful group Show – St. Charles, IL


International Photography Awards Honorable Mention Fine Art Still Life category – Los Angeles, CA


The Center for Fine Art Photography “In Conversation with the Land” group show – Fort Collins, CO
Curator/Juror: Karen E. Haas


Communication Arts Magazine Photography shortlist


Jackson Junge Gallery – “Blue” group show – Chicago, IL


The Center for Fine Art Photography “Illuminate” group show – Fort Collins, CO


Jackson Junge Gallery “Red” group show – Chicago, IL


Norris Gallery “Vicinity” group show – St. Charles, IL


Illinois Arts Council Artist Grant recipient


International Photography Awards Honorable Mention Fine Art/other category – Los Angeles, CA


Graphis Photography Annual


Center for Fine Art Photography “Green” group show – Fort Collins, CO


International Photography Awards Honorable Mention Special/Special effects category – Los Angeles, CA


Evanston Biennial group show – Evanston, IL


Norris Gallery “Vicinity” group show – St. Charles, IL


Catherine Edelman Gallery “Chicago Photographer’s Project” – Chicago, IL


Giola Gallery “Water” group show- Chicago, IL


The DAMeN STUDIO- “Toy Camera Show” group show – Chicago, IL


The DAMeN STUDIO “The Last Picture Group Show – Chicago, IL


Polaroid’s “P” Magazine – Selected for inclusion in the final publication of P Magazine #28